You Can Purchase A Tiny Scottish Island For $350,000

Claire Miles
Jan 15, 2020

Sometimes, it can be really nice change of pace to get out of the city. So many of us live in urban areas, which means we rarely get to connect with nature and wildlife. There are, of course, plenty of vacation options available for those who are seeking a quick getaway trip in nature. But for those who are looking for something a bit more permanent, we have some good news. Because apparently, there’s a tiny isolated Scottish island up for grabs, and it can be all yours for the price of $350,000.

Linga is a small island located in the Shetlands Islands of the North Sea, right in between Scotland and Norway. Just recently, the island was placed on the auction block at a starting bid of $350,000. Linga is listed on Vladi Private Islands, a real estate firm that specializes in unique properties such as this one. According to their site, Linga offers “spectacular scenery and beauty with an abundance of wildlife.” While there’s no running water, electricity, or internet on the island, there are some quaint cottages and quite a few sheep. Despite its current real estate listing, Linga’s local government has recently approved steps that would help develop the island into a top tourist destination, including the addition of a pier, another cottage, and wind and solar power generators.
Scottish island

Getty Images/Feifei Cui-Paoluzzo/Moment

People who come to visit the island will have plenty to do. Apart from fishing and farming activities, visitors can enjoy the 4,000 trees that were recently planted on Linga’s soil. The island has apparently been uninhabited by humans for over 80 years. The last people to live there operated a small sheep farm. Linga is the perfect destination for those who are looking for a quiet retreat with no neighbors. And if you enjoy your time on the island, you now have the option of making it your permanent residence.