World's Best Cafes For True Coffee Lovers

Laura Lee
Apr 22, 2020

Who doesn’t love to wake up with a nice, piping-hot cup of morning Joe? Coffee is a universally loved drink, but of course, there are some of us who take our love of the roasted drink just a bit further than others. Whether you roast your own beans or simply know the difference between a cappuccino and a macchiato, you might fall into this category. Here are some of the best cafes around the world which every coffee lover should visit at least once.

Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires

waiter serving in a restaurant

Getty Images/News/Michel Setboun

Located in the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires, Cafe Tortoni is Argentina’s oldest cafe. The cafe has quite a special place in the country’s history, as it has been a favorite hangout for artists, politicians, and musicians since way back in the 1800s. If you get the chance to visit, don’t leave without ordering the dish that remains a favorite among locals – chocolate con churros, which is crunchy fried dough dipped in melted hot chocolate.

Cafe Central, Vienna

high ceilings in a restaurant

Getty Images News/Mathias Kniepeiss

Having first opened its doors in 1876, Cafe Central is a true Viennese institution. The grand coffeehouse has hosted some of the brightest minds in the world, boasting patrons such as Leon Trotsky and Sigmund Freud. Vienna is known for its coffee culture, and when you come to Cafe Central, you’ll want to sit and linger for hours. You can admire the architecture while slowly savoring your cup of coffee, like a true Viennese local.

San’tEustahio il Caffe, Rome

man by a coffee machine in a cafe

Getty Images News/Antonio Masiello

It’s said that great things come in small packages. And that expression could not be truer about San’tEustahio, a small stand-up cafe located in the heart of Rome. Located near the city’s famous Piazza Navona, this is the place to go for an authentic Italian coffee-drinking experience. Drinking espresso while standing up is basically the Italian equivalent of getting a coffee to go. If you want to drink like a local, order the “Gran Caffe Speciale”, which is a shot of sweetened espresso.

Caffe Vita, Seattle

two baristas at a cafe

Getty Images Entertainment/Mat Hayward

No matter where you go in Seattle, you can be pretty sure that you’re not far away from a great cappuccino. The city is renowned for its coffee culture and there is no lack of cafes to choose from. But perhaps one of the favorites among Seattlites is Caffe Vita, a local joint that specializes in small-batch coffee roasting. They’ve even been kind enough to open a brewing school, which offers the coffee lovers the chance to learn their artisanal tricks.