Why You Should Visit Wellington New Zealand

Laura Lee
Nov 30, 2019

If you’re a fan of charming coastal cities, look no further than Wellington, New Zealand for your next vacation. This capital city might be tiny but it encompasses a whole lot, including a waterfront promenade, multiple museums, white sandy beaches, and top-rated restaurants. Wellington also features a working harbor, where you can chill out and admire cute and colorful timber houses that line its surrounding hills. So if you’re looking for a city with relaxed vibes and rich culture, this is definitely the destination for you.

As Wellington sits right on the coast, visitors are treated to beautiful water views throughout the city. One of the city’s most popular attractions is the Wellington Waterfront. Situated along the water, the area is full of cute cafes and trendy shops, making it the perfect place to spend your afternoon. In addition to all the activities on the waterfront, it’s just a lovely area to stroll around and admire the city’s unique beauty. The spot is not only beloved by tourists but by locals as well. Many of the city’s cultural events take place here, including Chinese New Year and fireworks for various occasions.

New Zealand

Getty Images/Westend61

Perhaps one of the most well-known attractions in Wellington is the Te Papa Tongarewa Museum, which is the country’s national museum. Covering a wide range of topics, Te Papa Tongareaw features many fascinating exhibits on the topics of art, history, science, and more. It’s also the perfect place to learn more about New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people. Since New Zealand was formed upon colonized land, the Maori people and their ancient traditions are ingrained in the island country’s rich history.