Why You Should Visit Disneyland Once In Your Lifetime

Claire Miles
Jul 19, 2022

We should visit Disneyland at least once in our lifetime. We all know how we have seen Disney characters during our childhood and we all have a certain level of attachment to all the characters. These characters are a way to connect with our childhood and as the famous quote says, “Age is just a number.” So if you are 80 years old or 20 years old you will always have a reason to enjoy Disneyland.

Disneyland is a pure magic kingdom. Yes, the place can be expensive, and the ticket can cost you a fortune but it is one of the most magical places in Florida, and California. It has a huge Star Wars-themed park that you can explore with your friends and family. Disneyland is a land made of dreams for all the disney fan groups. Moreover, the parks there are extremely famous for just sitting and chilling around. You can also get your book and just read it. This will help you to unwind from worldly affairs. Moreover, Disneyland has waterparks so when you feel like you are extremely exhausted from the heat just plan a chill day with your family and friends at Disneyland.

Another very important aspect to visit Disneyland is to taste the yummy snacks that are unique to Disneyland. The Dole Whip is an ultimate favorite of people from around the world. It is made by processing pineapples in a food processor and some added flavors are added which give it a unique texture. Another very famous dessert that is available is Churros. You will never be able to find the churros that you get from Disneyland. They are sprinkled with some cinnamon and caster sugar- these churros are out of the world. You should at least visit Disneyland once in your lifetime.