Why Tahiti Is The Ultimate Paradise

Laura Lee
Dec 02, 2019

Chances are you’ve probably heard of Tahiti, but like many people, you might not actually know where it is. Tahiti is actually a large island in French Polynesia, a sprawling group of islands in France’s possession which is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The tropical vacation destination has a rich history and offers many unique activities to indulge in. For one, the Tahiti is where the practice of tattooing originated, so coming home with some fresh ink would be a fun and authentic souvenir. Another reason why people love Tahiti so much is that there is simply so much natural beauty to explore. If you are the kind of person who seeks adventure in remote places, then this famous island is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.

It would be easy to assume that Tahiti is covered in sandy beaches. After all, it is an island famous for its tropical nature. However, tourists will actually have to look quite hard to find a sparkling white shoreline. This is because the island was once home to two active volcanoes which covered the island in hot lava upon eruption. The lava eventually cooled and turned to ash, which created Tahiti’s famous black sand beaches. One of the most beautiful of these unique shores is Taharuu Beach, where you can take a quick dip in the sea before tanning your heart out on its black sands. For one of the only white-sand beaches on the island, check out La Plage de Maui.


Getty Images/Samantha T. PhotographyMoment

If you prefer more of an urban experience, Tahiti’s capital of Papeete is full of culture, cuisine, and plenty of shopping. One of the best ways to experience the island’s culture is by visiting the Papeete market. There you can find vendors selling local fruits and vegetables and sometimes even goods you’ve never seen or heard of before. You’ll also find plenty of artists displaying their crafts. This is a great place to pick up an authentic and special Tahitian gift – either for yourself or for your loved ones back home. All in all, there’s truly something for everyone on this beautiful island. All you need to do is explore.