Why Everyone Should Try Having a Capsule Wardrobe

Marc Gordon
Jul 31, 2021

How often do you open your wardrobe and think you have nothing to wear? Whether you have fifty shirts, thirty pants and sixty pairs of shoes or half of that, this is a really common feeling. The problem is that we tend to buy clothes without considering what we already have in our wardrobe first. That is, when we go to a store, we try on a piece of clothing and choose to buy it only considering whether we like it or not. We never stop to think about the clothes we already have at home that might or might not go with the new piece we want to acquire. That’s how we end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and the feeling that we have nothing to wear.

Clothes hanging in wardrobe

Getty Images / Moment / Kinga Krzeminska

By creating a small collection of basic pieces that you can mix and match, and wear in several situations, you will never have to worry about running out of clothes again. Instead of buying numerous pieces of clothing without considering what you already own, try going through your closet first. Make three piles of clothes: the ones you haven’t worn in years (these will be donated), the ones you wear every once in a while, and the ones you absolutely love and wear all the time (some of these will become your capsule wardrobe).

If you have never tried the concept before, we recommend taking it easy at first. Don’t get rid of all of your clothes or buy lots of new staple pieces yet: simply select essential pieces in neutral colors that can be worn together creating several different outfits. If a piece doesn’t go with the others, it doesn’t belong in your collection.