Why Do People Listen to EDM?

Claire Miles
Mar 02, 2023

It’s no secret that music has the power to transform lives. EDM has, however, acquired a somewhat tarnished reputation over time due to both its “trendy” character and its detrimental impact on the “youth.” Putting all those myths to one side, EDM is still music, and we’re here to dispel them and explain how and why it may be beneficial to your health.

Starting off with how EDM can make you remember the good times. Your emotions may be greatly affected by music. EDM and other upbeat music can bring back vivid memories, especially those that are linked to intense experiences like parties or rides at amusement parks. EDM has the unmatched power to amplify listeners’ sense of hope and excitement for the future.

Multi-ethnic people dancing at nightclub - stock photo

Getty Images / Tetra images / PBNJ Productions

Listening to EDM can also lift your spirits. EDM may give you the motivation to keep going whenever you need a lift. Nobody is going to move to sad rhythms since the genre is made particularly to get people to dance. A catchy melody and a unique development leading up to the drop are standard components of an EDM tune, however, these aspects can of course vary. Your brain’s dopamine levels, which are mostly accountable for making you feel good, might rise in anticipation of the decline.

An important reason why people listen to EDM is that it enhances their workouts. Your workouts will be much better if you listen to music as you work out. Cycling athletes fared better when listening to fast-paced rock music, according to a study. This is due to the dynamics of the music assisting them in being “in the zone,” thus your enjoyment of the music lessens the arduous effort associated with exercising. Similar to this, EDM uses repeating beats and ambient soundscapes to block out the “noise.”