Why Bon Temps Cafe Is A Canadian Landmark

Laura Lee
Jun 13, 2020

Saskatoon, a city in Saskatchewan Canada, might be thousands of miles away from the United States city of New Orleans. 3,000 miles, to be precise. But lovers of Creole food, a cusine which the latter has become renowned for, will be pleasantly surprised to learn the spicy cuisine has made it all the way to the large Canadian city. Today, locals and visitors to the city of Saskatoon can now enjoy authentic Creole and Cajun dishes at a local eatery called Bon Temps Cafe. Not only does this local joint offer great Louisiana-style food, but it also features an impressive selection of bourbon as well as live music performed by local bands.

Creole and Cajun food are distinct styles of cooking that originated in Louisiana, USA. The popular cuisines reflect the melting pot of southern cooking and culture, with its French, African, Haitian, and American influences. Luckily for Saskatoon locals, Bon Temps Cafe has successfully brought a piece of this unique culture to their city. Priding themselves on serving home-style dishes, the cafe’s menu includes mouthwatering options like a New Orleans Spicy Cajun Seafood Boil. Many of their dishes are dependent on the availability of local fish and seafood, so diners can be sure that they’re eating fresh ingredients.


Getty Images/Henryk Sadura

While officially a cafe, Bon Temps also features an impressive bar, so diners who enjoy a nice drink with dinner will definitely not be disappointed, particularly bourbon lovers. For a drink that is both creamy and spicy with a hint of vanilla, try one of their popular signature drinks, the Bourbon Milk Punch. They also offer an array of House Shots such as Oyster, a shot composed of horseradish hot sauce and, appropriately, a fresh oyster. Apart from these specialty cocktails and shots, the cafe also offers many more cocktails, beers, and wines. If you’re looking to spend the night eating great Cajun food, sipping on bourbon cocktails, and listening to live jazz and blues, Bon Temps is definitely the spot for you.