Why Belts Are So Much More Than Just An Accessory

Claire Miles
Oct 18, 2020

Minimalist “capsule” closets are clearly a trend that is here to stay. Which is great news for everyone who is trying to budget this season and wants to make the most out of their current wardrobe players. Thanks to Marie Kondo, we’ve all been trimming down our closets to a bare minimum, tossing out anything that doesn’t have utility, or in the words of Kondo’s infamous catchphrase, anything doesn’t “spark joy.” This is indeed a smart and efficient method for getting the maximum enjoyment out of your closet. However, trimming down doesn’t mean getting rid of the little things and only keeping heartier closet staples like blue jeans and white t-shirts. In fact, it’s often the little accessories that really cinch an outfit. As Marilyn Monroe once said, give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world.” By now, it’s common fashion knowledge that shoes can make or break an outfit. However, there is another accessory that shares this same power: belts. They’re just a lot more underrated.

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Getty Images Entertainment/Christian Vierig

Belts truly have the power to bring an outfit together, and this is a power that we should definitely harness. After all, how many of us have clothes in our closet that we would totally wear if they just sat a bit better on our bodies? Or if they were slightly more fitted around the waist? Instead of tossing our old clothes and buying new ones, why not try sprucing up our wardrobe with this humble but powerful accessory? A belt offers the perfect solution to our endless shopping cycle by making our old clothes feel brand new again.

The only question left is which kind of belt to buy? There are endless possibilities. A black faux-leather belt is always perfect for a more classic look, but a suede one can add the perfect bohemian touch to any outfit. Luckily, when it comes to this versatile accessory, anything and everything goes. It all depends on your personal style. Whether paired with high-waisted denim or knotted around a flowy summer dress, belts are the subtle wardrobe accessory we never knew we needed.