Which Soccer Team Should You Support?

Andrew Parker
Dec 24, 2022

There is no denying that soccer is arguably one of the more – if not the most – popular spectator sports in the world. It attracts a huge following from all over the world, and people often end up aligning themselves fully with one club or the other. They share in the glory of their wins, but also in the shame at their losses. For newcomers to the sport, it’s often hard to choose which team to support. To make this process easier, we list down below some criterions that you can consider as you choose your team to support.

First up, and perhaps the easiest approach, is to choose a team which houses your favorite player, or players. If you’re positively entranced by the excellent playmaking skills of Messi and Ronaldo, then you’ll find yourselves automatically veering towards PSG and Manchester United, respectively. Having a favorite player always makes the process easier!

Another excellent way to choose is to do so based on what clubs your friends and/or family support, and even within this there are two approaches. On one hand, you can choose to support the same club that they support so you can watch their games together and bond over them. Alternatively, to make things more exciting, you can choose to support a rival team instead to add a bit of drama on days when the two play against each other.

Lastly, an excellent approach is to choose clubs to support based on their playstyles, which in turn are often defined by their coaches. For instance, Liverpool’s Jurgen Plopp has a vastly different playstyle and strategy in mind compared to, say, Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola. If you find yourself gravitating more towards the style (and results) of a particular manager, it’s as good an idea as any to support their team!