Where to Find Glamping

Laura Lee
Apr 02, 2022

As a woman with fine taste, camping might not be for you. After all, you are probably really attached to your phone and other tech gadgets. Now with that said you may still want to wake up and get that very specific natural feel. So what do you do now? Well, thankfully there is an alternative option. You can always go glamping. This is the perfect alternative if you are looking to get away from the city but get in touch with nature all at the same time. Here are a few great places where you can go glamping.

Just because you aren’t someone looking to go camping in a traditional tent doesn’t mean you can’t still get your dose of nature. That’s why you might be surprised to know that there are in fact a few destinations that allow you to go glamping instead. While glamping you will still stay in a tent however you will still have access to electricity and well you won’t be sleeping in a sleeping bag. You will actually sleep on a full bed. While having access to electricity you will be able to connect to Wi-Fi and if you are lucky you will even have access to a tv.

Kettle, towel and sink in glamping tent

Getty Images / Getty Images News / James D. Morgan

With that said you will be pleased to know that there are around 28 glamping destinations in the US alone. See you won’t really need to leave your home country to have this amazing experience. The first great glamping destination is situated in Texas at a site called Camp Comfort. While there you will be able to get into some true authentic camping activities while still having your home comforts. The next breathtaking glamping destination would have to be Moose Meadow Lodge. While on vacation here you will be staying in a treehouse but obviously not any treehouse. You will be staying in a glamorous treehouse.