When Things Merge With Their Background And Disappear
Feb 20, 2020
Laura Lee

Have You Earned Your Tomorrow

By Edgar Guest

Is anybody happier because you passed his way? Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today? This day is almost over, and its toiling time is through; Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?

Did you give a cheerful greeting to the friend who came along? Or a churlish sort of "Howdy" and then vanish in the throng? Were you selfish pure and simple as you rushed along the way, Or is someone mighty grateful for a deed you did today?

Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that's slipping fast, That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed? Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said; Does a man whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent? Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent? As you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God would say, You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

There comes a point in every person’s life when they wish they could just disappear. Whether its to just get out of that boring work meeting or want to prank a friend, the art of camouflage is as close to invisibility as us humans are going to get. Here are some funny moments caught when things blended in perfectly with the background.

Plaid Attack

This guy is living his best life. If he’s ever wondered what his life would be like if he was a model, he’s getting his fifteen minutes of fame right here right now on the street. Hey, living vicariously through someone else is fine! We all do it, anyway.

Looks Comfy

The chances of your clothes to be an exact match of your surroundings is just so slim. To get the color and pattern all right is just too difficult. And yet, here she is sitting on a bench with the same exact pattern as her dress. Maybe she should play the lottery.

Blue’s Clues

Do you guys remember the tv show ‘Blue’s Clues’? With the host, Steve, and the blue puppy adaptly named Blue. Those were the good days of television. Since then Steve has faded from the tv business. But it looks like someone found him!

When You See It

This image reminded us immediately of a college student bringing his laundry bags back home for his mom to help him with. Imagine it: he sends his mom out to the car to grab the bags when suddenly she grabs his head instead of the handles! That would be a funny practical joke.

They See Me Rollin’

Like famed raper Chamillionaire once said, “They see me rollin’, they hatin’.” Yeah, dude, we see you. But we ain’t hating! In fact, we are digging this match plaid look you got going on. Travel in style, we like it.

Pattern Palooza

Have you ever been to Bob’s Furniture Store or Ikea and gone shopping for the perfect sofa for your home when you meet an overly enthusiastic salesperson? Now, this is no ordinary salesperson. This person lives and breathes furniture. It is their mission in life to find you the most perfect piece that matches you and your personality best. Like a furniture whisperer. Well, this is that salesperson.

See No Evil

The three wise monkeys wisely advised “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” And while that is great advice with many things in life, it doesn’t apply so well when it comes to fashion. Girl, we advise you to open your eyes and face the reality of that outfit.

Granny’s House

According to evolution and survival of the fittest, many animals have evolved to mimic their environment in order to evade predators. These two appear to have been born with this adaptation, though one has to wonder what predators they are evading. Maybe it’s appeasing grandma in order to avoid her pot roast.

Banana Bird

The one and only banana bird! Or, what many adoringly call, the banana-arrot (get it? Banana and parrot?). Every pet owner knows that animals just so happen to get themselves into the darndest, hilarious situations. And this bird is surely rocking that camouflage game.

Boy Bye

That feeling when you had the longest Monday of your whole existence and you finally, finally get into bed. We’ve all been there: the coffee machine broke, you forgot your wallet in your other bag, your obnoxious co-worker just got engaged and won’t stop talking about it. Sometimes, all a person needs is their bed. Perhaps to even become the bed.

Shifty Socks

Some things in life are just too good to pass up a picture. This is just one of those moments. How often, after all, do you see a person’s socks match literally so perfectly to the subway floor? It’s like a designer was sitting on the subway staring at the floor and said to himself, “This pattern…genius!”

Stolen Style

They say that a piece of clothing looks different on you than it does on the hanger. And most of the time that is the case. But what a lot of us don’t consider is if the dress we’re about to buy matches any furniture we own. Unless she really loves that couch pattern, but by the look on her face we can guess she was not too pleased by this coincidence.

Faded Feline

It may take a moment to spot it. We’ll give you a minute to see it. Got it? Crazy, right? First of all, that cat has insanely beautiful fur! Second of all, this is a perfect picture. Just look how perfectly the kitty blends into the floor.

The Carpet Matches The Drapes

A person’s wedding day may be the single most memorable day of their life. Planning everything down to the very last detail can be complicated, not to mention high-stress, so it makes sense that not everything is perfect. Like that moment during dress rehearsal when you realize you forgot to give your bridesmaids dresses and had to quickly sew them on the spot using the drapes in the venue.


Welcome to the latest edition of Desperate Housewives, or what we like to call “Desperate Carpet Housewives.” This grandma clearly has some skill when it comes to interior decorating and personal style. We like to call this piece “grandmaflage.”

Combat Couch

How many of you thought this was just a picture of combat boots on a couch? Yup, that’s okay, take another look. You see him now, right? The army uniform blends in too well to that couch. But it makes sense- a serviceman is never off duty. He can camouflage anytime anywhere.

Is This Seat Taken?

This here is a classic case of coincidence. Right? No way did this guy know that his blue and white polka dot shirt was going to match the blue and white polka dot chairs. Because that would’ve been weird if he’d planned it out beforehand.

Lady In Leopard

Leopards are known to be dangerous kings of the jungle. So it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t want one in your bed. And if you’re anything like us you saw this picture and immediately thought that there was, in fact, a leopard in that bed. But, if you look closer, you’ll see that it’s just a girl who really really likes leopards.

One With Nature

Ah, the great outdoors. Mother nature blowing her wind in your hair, the crunch of fresh snow beneath your boots, disappearing into a snowy mountain….say, what?! Yeah, well, that’s exactly what the cameraman taking this picture definitely said as he saw the shot he caught. No, but seriously dude, where’d you go?

That Tree Has Nice Legs

People driving by probably thought this dude was just taking a picture of a tree…in the middle of the night (low key creepy but okay) until his girlfriend stepped away and they totally lost their minds. This is expert-level blending in.

Sally’s Stripes

The stressful feeling of being at a party with your best friend Sally and lose each other in the crowd. We’ve all been there! But Sally really isn’t helping her best friend by literally becoming the love seat she’s sitting on. Seriously, help a girl out!

Dizzying Designs

Hey, Mike, the ’80s called. They want their shirt back. This is just one of those pictures that make you do a double-check. At first glance you just see a floating head in a booth, but if you really look closely a second time you’ll see there’s Mike!

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

That moment when you check into a random hotel and figure out that your favorite shirt matches the wallpaper. If you think about it, it’s pretty ridiculously crazy that this happened! Is life all a coincidence or just a happy circumstance?

Raising Your Mark

From mathematics to physics to gym, everyone has been in at least one class where they are fairly certain they are about to fail. And all you want to do is change that test grade from an F to an A with your teachers favorite pink highlighter. So close, yet so far away.

Camouflage Level 8

Fashion is constantly changing. From A-list celebrities on the red carpet to Instagram influencers, it can be hard to keep up with all the trends coming and going. What was in last week might be totally out the next, so you have to always be on your toes. This girl- well, we can’t tell if she’s in or she’s out? What do you think?

Urban Camo

We spy with our little eyes a concrete jungle. Orange and white construction cones, one-way traffic signs, and an…construction cone man?! Well, style is really individual so maybe he just really got inspired by the urban environment. We can dig it.

Who Wore It Better?

Back in the old days before smart phones, all anyone had to worry about in the morning was getting themselves dressed for the day. Nowadays, what with smart phones and technology, everybody gets their phone dressed up as well.

Train Wreck

The pattern on both the girl’s shirt and the bench seat is literally a train wreck. There is just so much going on here, our brains are getting achy. Seriously, the designer must have been sitting on the subway and thought to himself, “Yes, this pattern is straight fire.”