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What Your Pet Says About You

Andrew Parker
May 23, 2022

Have you ever looked at someone and the pet they have and noticed that they actually look similar? Well don’t worry, you aren’t seeing things. Many people actually notice that they kind of look similar to their pets. With that said, you may not believe this but there is quite a bit the pet you have says about you. Not only are pets cute to cuddle and have but there is a whole lot more you need to know. Now just because you have a snake doesn’t mean that you are a sly person. It is actually a whole lot deeper than that. With that said, let’s get into what the pet you have says about you.

 young woman playing with a puppy

Getty Images / Moment / DRAKULA IMAGES

If you are a cat person then you are in luck because we are kicking this off with what your cat says about your personality. Everyone knows that cats are very sensitive beings. But not only are they sensitive, but they are also very independent pets that can survive on their own. With that said if you are an introvert, you will be pleased to know that a cat will be the perfect pet for you. Cats are also the perfect pet to have especially if you are someone that is sensitive. This is because cats increase oxytocin levels. You will also notice that people with high-stress levels are more drawn toward cats.

Are dogs really mans best friend? Well yes, they are, dogs are incredibly loyal and protective animals. If you are someone who thinks of yourself as loyal, trustworthy, and a team player and you have a dog then it’s a match made in heaven. This is because dogs are loyal from the jump. You will notice that even as a puppy, your dog will stick by your side no matter what is going on. This is also why dogs bark when they are around strangers. You see there are many things that show you what the pet you have says about you.