What You Need in Your Glam Room

Claire Miles
Apr 13, 2022

Your home should truly reflect who you are and what you are interested in. This includes your passion for beauty and glamour. Now you may have noticed that many celebrities actually have a glam room instead of a powder room. The entire purpose of a glam room is for it to be a room where you can do your hair and makeup in. With that said there are a variety of different styles of glam rooms that you can choose from. If you find yourself struggling all you need to remember is that your glam room should look the way you want it. Next, you need to think of would be the tools and equipment you will need in your glam room.

Woman holding make-up brush standing in front of mirror at dressing table

Getty Images / fStop / Vladimir Godnik

When you walk into any make or beauty room what is the one thing that catches your eyes first? It is definitely the mirrors. Mirrors are what catch anyone’s eyes at first glance. But do keep in mind that it’s not just any type of mirror. All glam rooms will require vanity mirrors with some sort of lighting attached to it. Now you may have noticed that all mirrors come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. What shape and size your mirrors will be all depends on your taste and the overall size of your glam room. The same can be said for the lights on your mirrors.

This leads us to our next point, the lighting in your glam room is very important. You see you will be taking many selfies in this room. But that’s not the only reason why lighting is important in your glam room. Remember you will be doing your makeup in this room. This means that you will need great lighting to ensure that you look as flawless as possible. Next, you will need to have great storage options to hold all your tools such as makeup brushes, makeup, flat irons, and everything you need. When it comes to storage you can go with a number of different options.