What to Look For in a House

Marc Gordon
Mar 13, 2023

Buying your first house is like a dream come true. It is one of the biggest achievements that you can be proud of and call your own. It is a milestone in life that people deeply desire to reach especially once they start their family but have you ever wondered what if you reach this milestone and are not happy with it? Would it be worth buying a house if you are not able to enjoy it and the only thing you see in your house are its shortcomings? Of course, you will have to then live with it but maybe you can set yourself a checklist in deciding what you want in your house depending on your budget.

One of the few essentials you could include in your checklist is having a storeroom. It does not have to be a big open room, but your house is going to have a lot of extra things that you would only need seasonally, and having space to store it off-season can make all the difference in making sure you do not cram up your space.

Next, you would have to think about the size and number of bedrooms. If you can’t afford the best of both worlds, you might be better off with a smaller lounge and bigger bedrooms. Sure you may have guests over every once in a while but focus on ‘once in a while, and remember that you are going to be living in your bedroom. Congestion or crammed-up bedrooms is going to affect you much more than having fewer seats in the lounge. If you have guests over a little too often, then maybe you could use the rooftop or the backyard for seating but it would probably be a bad idea to compromise on the size or number of bedrooms as they are more a need than a want.