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What to do with a sketchbook?

Claire Miles
Dec 20, 2022

The prospect of filling a sketchbook with impressive, world-class masterpieces can be both exciting and daunting. However, it must be remembered that it is not a compulsion to have your sketchbook as a host for timeless classics painted by yourself. There is absolutely no need to place that pressure upon yourself. A sketchbook is a venue to express and experiment hence, perfectly acceptable and even pleasing if it is messy. A blank page staring back at you is terrifying. So, here are some ideas to fill your sketchbook once you have your art supply laid out.

cute girl (10) drawing in a notebook in balcony at home.Side view

Getty Images / Moment / Carol Yepes

  1. Draw your surroundings – just look outside your window or ahead of your desk and you will find plenty of inspiration. You do not have to sketch picturesque villages nestled between mountains, just sketch your surroundings in your sketchbook. There is no need to look very far, inspiration often lies within your eyeliner!
  2. Draw some comic strips – another way to combine the art of drawing and storytelling. Create a fantasy world or a joke strip and bring it to life in your sketchbook with cartoon illustrations. Your sketchbook can become your personal comic book!
  3. Illustrate your favorite stories – these can be your own stories or stories from other authors you enjoy. Draw some illustrations to display your images and ideas from the story, especially if it has not been adapted into a book, so you get to see what the characters and setting look like for you!
  4. Fashion – turn your sketchbook into a fashion magazine! Draw outfits and designs you envision or something you saw someone else wear. This can even serve as your own personal lookbook so you are aware and confident of your style, and have minimal trouble whilst shopping. Or it may even serve as the foundation of your fashion empire!