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What is Fine Dining?

Claire Miles
May 09, 2022

If you are someone that enjoys sophistication, gourmet meals, and eating at a five-star restaurant that fine dining is for you. You see with fine dining there is a certain level of service that you won’t get at just any ordinary restaurant. This is why fine dining restaurants are so rare and well expensive. Everything that you experience in a fine dining restaurant will be well thought out. This even includes the décor, tables, and even the cutlery that you will be using. But that’s not the only thing that makes a fine-dining restaurant. There are a few characteristics that will help you identify a fine-dining restaurant.

Fine dining tortellini with shrimp

Getty Images / Moment / BURCU ATALAY TANKUT

The first and well more noticeable characteristic of a fine dining restaurant will have to be the prices. If you would like to experience fine dining, you have to be prepared to pay for it. You see fine dining costs much more than an average restaurant because you aren’t just paying for food, you are paying for an experience. With that said, when dining at a five-star restaurant you can rest assured knowing that you are eating some of the best foods you will ever eat. Many fine dining restaurants only buy the best ingredients and suppliers in the world. Many of them actually important to the things they serve.

Another great characteristic of a fine dining restaurant would have to be the waiting list. You know if a place has a waiting list it has to be great. Many fine dining restaurants have long waiting lists because of how many people would like to experience eating there at least once in their lifetimes. Having a waiting list also takes a restaurant to a new level of exclusivity. The last characteristic of a fine dining restaurant will be the multiple courses. Unlike an average restaurant, you won’t be able to order just one meal. Instead, you will order a multiple coursed meal that might even be made up of five or more courses.