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What Goes Best With Truffles

Marc Gordon
Feb 09, 2022

Truffles are probably one of the world’s most expensive foods you could eat – well, that’s besides edible gold, that is. This expensive and luxury garnish and ingredient does add a little something to the many dishes it is added to. If you would like, you could go ahead and purchase truffles and add them to your meal. With that said you might not know what goes best with this luxury item. Here you are able to find out what goes best with truffles.

If you don’t know what truffles are, it’s best not to get them confused with the delicious chocolates. You see truffles are a fungus which is a type of mushroom that grows underground in Mediterranean climates. There are a great variety of truffles however there are two which are more commonly eaten. This is the white and black truffle. Their scientific names are Tuber melanosporum, which are black truffles, and Tuber mangnatum, which are white truffles.

Black truffles on table

Getty Images / Westend61
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Truffles have an earthy aroma and taste so knowing what to pair them with is important. There are a few specific meals or food items that truffles are best paired with. This includes eggs which are scrambled with butter, pasta dishes which are accompanied with a rich creamy sauce, cheese such as aged gouda and chevre. It also goes well with fish and chicken dishes. But that’s only items black truffles would be best paired with.

It’s best not to cook or heat white truffles because you will end up losing their rich taste and aromas. This is why it’s best served as an edible garnish on top of meals. White truffles are best paired with meats such as veal, salami, and even rabbit. You could also shave it over pasta dishes, eggs, and salads. You might also like to know that it’s best to pair truffles with aged wines that have similar earthy notes.