What Does It Take To Be A Singer?

Laura Lee
May 06, 2022

Watching a singer perform is like watching a movie that brings you to tears. There are many emotions that run through you when watching a professional singer perform. Now we all sing in the shower but that doesn’t really make us professional singers. You might even enjoy singing at karaoke. But have you ever wondered what really makes you a professional singer? Yes, some people are just naturally born with a singing voice but there has to be some work that goes into it right? Well, you will be pleased to know that there are in fact a few things that make you a singer.

Singer Whitney Houston accepts the Winner of International - Favorite Artist Award onstage at the 2009 American Music Awards

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Kevork Djansezian

Being born with the natural gift of singing is great. However, there are a few things that singers need to do to be considered professional. That’s right, many singers have to go through years of training and practice. Now you may think that all they have to do is sing but you are wrong. Much like any other instrument singers need to practice their craft in order to become better and know how to better use their voice. This is why there are singing coaches. Some of the world’s greatest singers like Beyonce and Whitney Houston have singing coaches.

You have to remember that a singing voice is much like any other instrument. A singer will need to learn how to read music and how to sing a variety of different notes within their range. Now, this takes years of practice. However, having a natural talent for it does help. Singers will often need to learn different scales which in turn helps them identify which vocal range they are in. They will also need to learn a bit about the piano which till in turn help them stay in turn. You see there is quite a bit that goes into being a singer. It isn’t all about jumping on stage and singing a few lines of a song.