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Veggies For The Perfect Autumn Dinner

Claire Miles
Oct 19, 2019

We all know what it’s like to get home after a long day of work and want nothing more in our lives than a quick and easy takeout pizza. However, if you want to save those extra calories for the weekend, why not add a bit of color (and fiber) to your dinner with some autumn-friendly vegetables? Apart from the obvious health benefits, putting veggies at the center of your meal is a great way to try new dishes,  which just happen to photograph extremely well. Here are some of our favorite fall season vegetables.



Getty Images/istetiana/Moment

We can all agree that the gourd vegetable of the season is most definitely pumpkin. After all, Halloween is right around the corner. However, when it comes to making healthy and hearty autumn dinners, look no further than the humble squash. Whether you go for acorn squash or butternut squash is up to you, but no matter which variety you choose, you’re bound to end up with a sweet and delicious dish.



Getty Images/Ally T/Moment

With all the amazing vegetables out there, a bowl of peas at the dinner table might seem like a bit of an afterthought. However, if your peas seem boring, you’re doing something wrong. From thick and savory pea soup to spicy pea curry, there is really no end to what you can do with this classic freezer staple, which is actually considered a legume. It’s true what they say: good things come in small packages. Or, shall we say pods.


man cooking spinach

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We try to be objective. We really do. But when it comes to leafy greens, we can’t help being a bit biased towards spinach. It’s not that other leaves like lettuce and kale haven’t got it going on. It’s just that spinach is so incredibly healthy, not to mention versatile. For a delicious and easy meal, try tossing some spinach into a stirfry with chopped onions, bell pepper, and scrambled eggs. It doesn’t get better than five-minute dinners.