Using Accessories To Spice Up Your WFH Looks

Laura Lee
Apr 30, 2020

There are upsides and downsides to the whole working from home thing. One of the things that’s kind of a bummer is the fact that we basically have no reason to get dressed in the morning. Because let’s be real – when your office is 10 steps away from your bed, it can be pretty tempting to spend the day in your week-old PJs. But as comfy as that sounds, the loss of our daily routines can also seriously affect our productivity. So it’s important to keep on getting dressed in the morning as if you’re going to work, and that doesn’t have to involve a suit and briefcase. One way to spice up your work-from-home look is with accessories – and fortunately, the sky is the limit!

It’s commonly said that shoes can either make or break your look. Well, perhaps they also have the power to make or break your mood. Wearing cute shoes is a great way to perk up your daily WFH uniform. You’ll feel more professional, and less like you just rolled out of bed – which, if we’re being honest, you probably did. Whether you prefer strappy stiletto sandals or sensible loafers, putting on a pair of your favorite kicks can be a serious mood-changer. And if you’re planning to run some errands throughout the day, you’ll thank yourself later for choosing a comfy pair of sneakers over your old flip-flops.

woman holding a pair of heels

Getty Images/YuriF/Moment

Another great way to keep things interesting is by putting on some of your favorite jewelry. From a simple gold necklace to your favorite blinged-out skull ring, a fun piece of jewelry might be exactly what you need to fight the quarantine-blues. You might be stuck working in your home office for the next two months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel fabulous while doing it. Whether you prefer a bold statement necklace or a more sentimental piece of jewelry, you’ll feel better working from home when your outfits have their usual personal touch.

Spicing up your work-from-home routine might seem impossible, but by jazzing up your outfit with a couple of cute accessories, you’re already halfway there. It might seem like a waste of a cute outfit,  but dressing up before starting your workday can seriously shift your mood.  And besides, there’s something kind of rebellious about getting all dressed up with no place to go.