Unique Moments Of Hollywood Stars Throughout The Years

Laura Lee
Jan 04, 2021

There are some celebrities we know so well that it almost feels like they’re a part of our family. From Marilyn Monroe to Britney Spears, we’ve pretty much grown up with these notoriously famous A-listers. But how well do we really know them? Here are some unique moments of beloved Hollywood stars living their best lives back in the day.

Marilyn Monroe playing softball on a beach in the 1950s.


Getty Images/Mondadori Portfolio

When we imagine Marilyn Monroe, we usually envision her with those tight blonde curls, red lipstick, and a breezy white dress. However, in this rare moment off duty, the American actress looks totally different than the image she portrayed and is pretty much the girl next door, enjoying a sunny day on the beach – in heels, of course.

Arnold Schwarzenegger posing with friends during the Cannes film festival, 1977.


Getty Images/AFP

Clearly. Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a ladies’ man. And it makes sense, considering those biceps. The actor has come a long way since his humble childhood growing up in a small isolated village in Austria. After his fame as a bodybuilder, he went on to become a successful actor, and later, the governor of California.

Brigitte Bardot and German millionaire Gunter Sachs arriving in Las Vegas, 1966.

brigitte bardot

Getty Images/Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone

Brigitte Bardot is mostly famous for her acting career. However, the beautiful French actress also became known for her many romances, including four husbands. In this 1966 photo, she is pictured with her to-be husband Gunter Sachs arriving in Las Vegas, where the pair tied the knot.