Traveling with Loved Ones

Claire Miles
Mar 20, 2023

According to the US Travel Association Survey, romantic couples who travel together have healthier and happier relationships compared to those who do not. This finding does not come as a surprise. Because when two people travel together, they spend a lot of time together, navigating a foreign area. The time spent doing so involves adventure and patience; you get to explore so many new places together and it also teaches you how to sync with each other’s rhythm. For instance, if your partner is not feeling well, you will have to tone down on your adventures for the day and care for them. This fosters more understanding, patience, and love between the two individuals.

Couple Sitting on Deck Chairs, Holding Hands on the Beach - stock photo

Getty Images / DigitalVision / DigitalVision.

Researchers have also found that romantic couples who travel together have higher levels of romance, more quality time spent together, and better communication, compared to couples who do not. And who does not want these three elements in their relationships? Traveling together is also an excellent way to reignite lost sparks in romantic relationships. Moving away from the hustles of daily routines, and the responsibilities that come with it help focus on your partner, and understand their needs and wants. Whether you are laying at a sunny beach in Costa Rica or laying under the starry night sky in a forest nearby, being alone with your loved one helps kindle love and appreciation.

Being in only each other’s company is also a great way to catch up on what has been going on in the other person’s life. Traveling together and sharing new experiences is also extremely essential in keeping romance and intimacy alive. It also helps partners re-evaluate why they fell in love with the other person in the first place! With the responsibilities and chores of becoming an adult, you tend to forget what really matters in life, and travel helps you remember that!