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Top Three Museums To Visit in Europe

Claire Miles
Apr 11, 2023

When traveling across Europe, immersing yourself in the glorious history of art frequently present all over the continent is a must. If you ever find the chance to visit one of the most historically rich continents, visiting famous and underrated museums should be at the top of your priority list. One of the most significant advantages for art enthusiasts is that Europe has easily accessible museums open to the general public, albeit with the longest queues one can imagine. If you can power through these never-ending queues, what waits for you at these museums is genuinely glorious. Here are the top 3 museums to visit on a Euro-Trip.

Located in the heart of France’s capital city, Paris, The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world, hosting millions of artsy tourists every year. Situated on River Sein’s embankment, The Louvre has a perfect romantic location to immerse yourself in French history and culture. The pi├Ęce de resistance of the Louvre is Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous masterpiece, The Mona Lisa. It is customary to look at this at least once when in France.

Located in yet another European capital, Madrid’s Prado National Museum is Spain’s largest and most visited museum. The museum hosts around 2300 paintings, a feast of thought-provoking art for enthusiasts. Museum del Prado has something for everyone with its extensive collection of sculptures, drawings, and prints. It is home to the world-famous Hieronymus Bosch painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights.

The Rijksmuseum, or the State Museum, is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the city famously visited by backpackers around the world. The Rijksmuseum has seen many forms since it was moved to Amsterdam from the Hague. After the state spent millions on Rijkmuseums’s renovation, it was reopened to the public in 2013, achieving its status as the most visited museum in the Netherlands. “The Night Watch,” by Rembrandt van Rijn is its most popular attraction among the art collections.