Top Love Songs of 2022

Marc Gordon
Nov 03, 2022

Love songs are the one genre of music that everyone listens to. No matter how young or how old everyone has a favorite love song. Now there really isn’t any real reason for this. It might be because everyone simply loves love and hopes to have it someday. After all, love is also the reason why fairy tales and romantic novels exist. But back to love songs. Each year there are so many love songs that are released. So much so that there are actual singers and musicians who specialize in love songs. With that said, here are the top love songs of 2022.

Harry Styles performs onstage

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Kevin Mazur

If you are feeling in the mood to listen to a song that gives you butterflies, then your best bet would be to listen to a love song. Love songs aim to paint you a story of how love is the best feeling in the world. Our top love song of the year has got to be “Left and Right,” by Charlie Puth feat. Jung Kook of BTS. Now it isn’t just any ordinary love song about how a boy meets a girl. Instead, this love anthem is about the love that got away. The next love song is by an artist who got his start in fame when he was in a boy group.

We are talking about none other than Harry Styles. Known for being the crush of many, Harry has since started a solo career. This leads us to his latest love song, “Late Night Talking”. Now the singer has a number of different love songs but this is by far our favorite. Our last love song is by another male singer. However, you may just be surprised by who it is. In the music industry, he is known for being a talented music producer. But now we can see that he is a talented singer as well. We are talking about “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa,” by Finneas.