Top 3 Avant-Garde Designers

Laura Lee
Jul 12, 2023

Avant-Garde is a form of expression that surpasses all boundaries of what art can be. It is bold, sometimes outrageous but exceptionally unique. Avant-garde fashion is experimental as it is meant to attract attention and make people question what fashion is. The world of avant-garde fashion is vast, with modern designers taking the stage as they lead the revolution toward exceptionally innovative fashion. Here are some avant-garde designers you should keep on your radar.

"Dress Code" Exhibition At Bundeskunsthalle In Bonn

GettyImages/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Andreas Rentz / Staff

Rick Owens is an American designer and art school dropout. Upon entering the field of fashion, his progression was slow at first as he used to illegally duplicate popular clothing designs. He then launched his own self-titled brand in 1994. Black is a dominant color in the 59-year-old’s designs as he leans towards unnerving gothic looks. Owens’ collections have been featured on Vogue and he is a regular at the Paris Fashion Week.

Yohji Yamamoto is a Japanese avant-garde designer hailing from Tokyo. A former law student, Yamamoto realized the legal profession was not his true calling and decided to dabble in the world of fashion. Yamamoto specializes in oversized dresses as he aims not to highlight the wearer’s body but to preserve or safeguard it through drapey cuts. Yohji’s designs are simple but striking as he too, prefers using black and dark colors for his collections.

Rei Kawakubo is also a Japanese designer based in both Tokyo and Paris. She is the creator of the highly esteemed brand Comme Des Garcons. It is hard to do justice to Kawakubo’s designs as her creativity can not be restricted to mere types and categories. Kawakubo’s collections seem to be an extension of the model’s silhouette with eye-catching cuts that appear to billow outwards. She often incorporates both masculine and feminine elements in her clothing, making her stand out among other designers.