Tokyo Hotels That Blend Tradition And Technology

Laura Lee
Dec 17, 2020

When we think of Japan, our mind quickly jumps to the rich and fascinating Japanese culture which has been around for thousands of years. However, while it is famous for its well-preserved traditions, Japan has also become renowned around the world for its advancements in modern technology. Here are some Tokyo hotels you can stay at which show this unique blend of old and contemporary.

Park Hotel Tokyo

When booking a stay at the Park Hotel Tokyo, try and snag one of the coveted rooms on the 31st floor which has been hand-painted by 31 artists. The perfect escape for any art lover, each room comes complete with beautiful, bold murals that feature everything from sumo wrestlers and geishas to local flower varieties. If that’s not enough, the hotel itself offers a boutique whiskey bar and a traditional kaiseki restaurant.

Trunk Hotel

Tokyo’s Trunk Hotel is pretty much a trunk full of treasures, which is just waiting to be discovered by the curious traveler! While the hotel features a modern minimalist design, it features an onsite shrine that inspired the Onden Guardian Dog cocktails and is a short walk from the neighboring Yoyogi Park, home to the famed Meiji Shrine. Amazingly, everything in this Shibuya-based hotel is made of local recycled materials, so tourists truly get an authentic experience. 

The Millennials Shibuya

With a tagline of “Welcome to the Edge of the Future,” you know you’re in for a futuristic experience! Visitors sleep in smart pods which are controlled by a phone app and can enjoy watching movies on the walls which can be projected from a phone or computer. Additionally, you can program an alarm to gradually wake you up. Oh, and there’s free beer, breakfast, and coffee, in case the cool technology wasn’t enough!