Tips On How To Organize Your Wardrobe

Laura Lee
Feb 08, 2020

We all love fashion. That’s a given. We have plenty of clothes derived from many years of shopping to prove it. But that doesn’t always mean we can put together an outfit in the morning. In fact most mornings, we usually hate all of our clothes and think it’s time to go shopping again. But in fact, a quick closet cleanup will reveal that you do indeed have plenty of clothes that you love and cherish – they were just hidden in the clutter. Here are a few wardrobe-organization tips to help you get started on your personal style journey.

Take Stock Of Your Clothes

woman in her closet

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The first thing you need to do is to make sure you know exactly what’s in your wardrobe. An effective way to do this would be by taking everything out and really looking at each piece before putting it back in. You may find that you’ve gathered way too many random pieces over the years which you never really reach for. On the other hand, you may also rediscover a lot of old pieces you love.

Try On Everything

woman trying on a shirt

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This is probably the most important step. Trying on each piece accomplishes a few things. Firstly, you’ll find out if that piece still fits you, and if it doesn’t, you’re probably better off without it. You can also opt to have it tailored. Additionally, the minute you try on the item, you’ll know whether you feel good in it or not. If you don’t, that’s probably why you haven’t been reaching for it.

Give Away Things You Don’t Wear

woman holding a pile of clothes

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This is a great way to get rid of the clothes you no longer want while doing a good deed at the same time. Whether you drop the clothes off at a local charity or give them out to your friends (who will be eternally grateful), you’ll be giving these clothes a brand new home, after they served you well for so many years.

Organize By Color

clothes hanging on a rack

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Or by product. It doesn’t really matter. Each person will have their own organization strategy that suits them best. What matters is that your clothes are placed in a way that is both appealing and sensible, which will enable you to put together outfits each morning in an enjoyable manner. Also, your newly organized closet will make for a very pretty Instagram post.

Keep Neutrals Together

woman standing by her closet

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This step might seem a bit unnecessary, but it’s actually really helpful. Keeping your neutral-colored clothes together will allow you to make quick and easy outfits at the snap of a finger. Let’s be honest, the most worn items in our closet are probably a white tee and a pair of black pants. So why not group all our whites and blacks together, and just own it?