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Tips For Working From Home

Claire Miles
Jul 14, 2023

From the emergence of a global pandemic in the age of technology, working from home has become the new normal. Even now, when the world timidly reopens, some companies have chosen to remain online, opting for their employees to work from home. Without the experience of working from home, this may sound like a dream come true. Earn money without ever leaving the house, or even the bed if you desire. However, 2020 violently shattered this dreamy, rose-tinted misconception, and some, if not many, people came to despise working from home.

In a work-from-home setting, the work day never ends and employees are expected to remain available and fully function 24/7. The fine line necessary to distinguish ‘work’ from ‘home’ dissolves and employees may feel that they never leave work. There is nowhere for them to escape the work environment as the home becomes the workplace. Furthermore, working from home requires long periods of time in front of a screen with hardly any breaks, which leads to physical and mental illnesses. So here are some tips to counter the issues which accompany working from home.

Maintain regular hours, just like an office job, and stick to them in order to maintain an appropriate and acceptable work-life balance. Start your day early as employees often set their own hours in a work from home environment. An early morning provides more productive time for work and will leave extra hours for leisure activities in the late afternoon or evenings when family and friends are also free.

Take regular breaks. This is very easy to do in the comfort of one’s own home. Attend some domestic activities which require attention or just get up and stretch your muscles. And follow the 20 rules. After 20 minutes of screentime, stare at a point 20 feet away for 2 seconds. This tips will make your work from home life easier and more productive.