Thoughtful Reminders For A Successful Group Trip

Claire Miles
Nov 15, 2021

Whether you are traveling with a large family, a group of friends, or a group of strangers, tension may arise and it is always best to self-prepare for these types of situations beforehand. There is no shame in being a little bit worried before going on a group trip, and we have some reminders to help ease your stress, and best communicate your feelings.

Go about your routine as you would at home. If you generally need to do things alone sometimes to regain energy, don’t force yourself to do everything with the group. If you want to divert, communicate that with the people on your trip so that they can plan accordingly. Respect that others should have that same right, and try to be understanding if someone wants to go somewhere alone. Passive aggression can just cause unnecessary miscommunication. Listen to one another, and try to be clear with each other about your personal needs.

Set responsibilities according to each person’s interests and strengths. Trip planning can be hard, sometimes there is a language barrier, a different currency, different climate, and it is important to research before you travel to avoid these types of problems. When traveling with a large number of people, use their differences to the group’s advantage. Be clear about your own skills and weaknesses, so that you don’t end up with responsibilities you can not handle, and make sure to listen to others. Everybody wants to be valued, useful, and feel like part of the team. Have the math friend take care of the budget, or the linguist uncle take care of the translations. Plan ahead, be flexible, and avoid any triggers, your vacation should be a time for you to relax. Everyone using their skills and clear communication will smoothen any potential bumps in the process!