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Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

Andrew Parker
Nov 01, 2021

Many of us love giving gifts as much as we love receiving them. Knowing someone went out of their way to get us something that we would love really makes us feel special, but finding that perfect gift can be even more exciting. But… not everyone is great at coming up with thoughtful gift ideas on the fly. So if gifting isn’t your love language, these are some great housewarming present suggestions.


Flower arrangement in a gift box

Getty Images / imagenavi

House plants can make any house feel like a home. Even before all furniture is built and arranged in a new house, they have the power to create a welcoming atmosphere by simply existing in a pot. They are a great housewarming gift for friends, family, and even new neighbors.


Homemade biscuits wrapped in a ribbon

Getty Images / Moment / ondacaracola photography

Though we would love it if moving was a quick, effortless activity, the truth is it takes a lot of work and time. So bringing a nice meal, gift basket or even snacks to your friends’ housewarming party is a great way to make their lives a little easier during this process. If you can’t cook, a gift card for their favorite restaurant is an equally thoughtful idea.


Close-Up Of Scented Candles On Table

Getty Images / EyeEm / Supattra Inyasri

If your friends are already settled in, you definitely don’t need to bring them food. While plants and flowers are still a great option, you might want to give them a gift that won’t require any work. Scented candles are a great present, just like picture frames, welcome mats, door knockers, and other small decor items.