This Japanese Pop-Up Cafe Lets You Step Into a Comic Book

Laura Lee
Dec 01, 2019

Have you always dreamed of being a superhero? Do you enjoy the quirky and unique things in life? Want to sip coffee and eat pretty fruit creations, outside of the plethora of Instagram-worthy cafes? If you answered yes to any of the above, this unusual new cafe in Japan is the perfect fit for you. Designed in pop-up art style, you’ll feel like you entered an animated universe the moment you enter 2D Cafe.

The unique cafe draws inspiration from Seoul’s Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 as well as a cartoon-style wedding chapel in Las Vegas, which opened early this year. It also reflects the popularity of anime and manga, both Japanese comic art forms. Located in Tokyo’s Shin Okubo district, everything about this cafe will make you feel like you’re in a two-dimensional world, down to the last detail.

The monochromatic vibe that dominates the cafe’s decor is not actually monochrome, but rather two-toned, giving everything from the tables to the chairs that comic book feel. The furniture’s flat surfaces are painted white, and their edges are coated with uneven black strokes. Meanwhile, actual 2D objects like the cafe’s walls are given that pop-up effect with flat-plane artwork such as curtains and plants.

As for the menu, it’s just as interesting and alluring as the cafe’s retro decor. You can order bubble tea in flavors like pineapple, blueberry, tomato, and mango. Or, try one of their yummy Patbingsu – the Korean shaved ice dessert which is super trendy right now. Strawberry and banana azuki are just some of the flavors they offer.

Spending an afternoon at the 2D cafe sounds like the ultimate outing to us. With its retro interior full of optical illusions, and of course its delicious treats, you won’t believe your eyes or your taste buds. Treat yourself fabulous afternoon sipping coffee in style at one of Japan’s coolest cafes. Perhaps you should bring along a friend or a family member because after all – this cafe is all about 2s.