This Budapest Ruin Bar Is All The Rage

Laura Lee
Nov 24, 2019

Quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations, particularly among young people, Budapest is truly a hidden treasure that is currently being rediscovered. The gorgeous capital of Hungary is obviously rich in its culture and history. But it’s also a hotspot of chef restaurants, music festivals, and fun nightlife spots. Amongst the many cool things to do while in Budapest is definitely a trip to the city’s famous ‘ruin bars’. Located in the old Jewish quarter, these industrial buildings turned into drinking joints are a stunning blend of the old and the new.

One of the most well-known ruin bars is Szimpla Kert. Established in 2002, the building was an old factory that had since become dilapidated. But instead of fixing it up, the bar’s founders had the brilliant idea of making it even more run down, thus, sparking the ‘ruin bars’ craze. Patrons and visitors are encouraged to bring their own drawing materials and “ruin” the place a bit themselves. There are also some totally random things scattered throughout the bar, including bathtubs, mannequins, and candles shaped like politicians. This might sound like a very strange concept for a bar, but it’s just something you need to experience for yourself in order to fully understand.

With every new addition to its graffiti-covered walls, the work of art that is Szimpla Kert becomes even more stunning. Still, part of its beauty is that it is never complete, but rather ever-changing. The unique bar adapts to the artistic visions of its patrons. Its decor changes just slightly every day to reflect the many people, cultures, and ideas that walk through its doors each day. So if you ever find yourself in Budapest and are feeling particularly creative, you know where to go. Just make sure to bring some supplies, an appetite for beer, and plenty of artistic spirit.