This Airline Lets You Book Unlimited Flights on a Private Jet

Marc Gordon
Mar 24, 2020

If an airline offered members the opportunity to book unlimited flights on a private jet all month long, it seems like it would be too good to be true. Thanks to Surf Air, there is a whole new level of luxury flying. Surf Air offers a variety of memberships for everyone from frequent fliers, commuters, occasional travelers, groups, or charters.

The interior of an Airbus corporate jet ACJ320

Getty Images/News/Harold Cunningham

Members of “Surf Air Express” will enjoy many perks of the good life without paying a monthly fee. The annual membership costs $2,500, and one-way flights start at $500. Get ready to have the convenience of private air travel with all the perks including booking via an iPhone app. Plus, there’s no penalty for changing or canceling flights, even last minute. The “Unlimited Flights” membership is an all-you-can-fly plan starting at $1,950 per month. Within this membership provides access to routes from major cities in the United States such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Dallas, Austin, and Houston.

And if those options don’t suit your needs, then perhaps Surf Air’s most popular membership option will do. The “Preferred” membership offers unlimited flights on routes in Texas or California, with one complimentary guest flight per quarter. This membership costs $2,450 monthly. And if you aren’t sure which membership best suits your needs, Surf Air offers interested individuals trial flights before committing.