These Countries Will Be the Hottest Travel Destinations of 2020

Laura Lee
Apr 21, 2019

According to Albert Herrera, an executive at luxury travel company Virtuoso, Japan, Slovenia, and Antarctica will be the biggest travel destinations in 2020. The summer 2020 Olympics are expected to attract an estimated 10 million visitors to Tokyo. In 2019, Japan tied for first place as one of the best countries for tourists in 2019. As for Slovenia, it offers a more cost-effective alternative to Italy and Croatia. And more travelers will go on luxury cruises in Antarctica.

This year at Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead: Luxury Summit in New York City focused on sustainability in the luxury sector. Virtuoso is a global network of more than 1,800 luxury travel advisers and operators. Herrera handles the company’s relationships with luxury hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators. “Japan is very hot because of what’s happened this year with the evolution of the dynasty and the Olympics next year,” Herrera said. In 2019, Tokyo was named the world’s best big city by the 600,000 respondents to Condé Nast Traveler’s annual Reader’s Choice Survey. It won thanks to its big-city life and natural landscapes. Plus, the food doesn’t hurt!

Slovenia is an under the radar alternative to European hotspots. “It’s fresh, it’s different, and yet it’s in Europe,” he said, adding that it’s a short flight from popular destinations like Venice. Slovenia is known for its mountains, ski resort towns, and picturesque lakes. Lonely Planet named it the best value destination in 2020.

Antarctica is attracting multigenerational travelers as an up and coming luxury destination. More than 55,000 tourists visited Antarctica in the 2018-2019 season. According to data from the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, that’s more than an 18% increase from 10 years earlier.