There Is a Hotel With No Walls Smack in the Middle of the Swiss Mountains

Marc Gordon
Dec 01, 2021

Nowadays, hotel brands are reinventing the meaning of a luxury vacation. When one usually imagines a luxury hotel, they usually think of water fountains and marble bathtubs. A stay in a 5-star resort or palaces will most likely include most of these features, but not necessarily all hotels follow these conditions. For those who are looking for a less conventional stay, there are quite a few hotels that offer comfortable lodging in unique and less generic settings. One hotel chain, in particular, offers a selection of wall-less, roof-less suites scattered around some of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland.

The Zero Real Estate hotels explore a new concept in the industry, one in which walls and ceilings are replaced with awe-inspiring Swiss landscapes and instead of needing to call for room service, you get a personal butler. The properties themselves were designed by conceptual artist twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin and their partner Daniel Charbonnier as a follow-up after their Null Stern project in 2009 which only ran for one year. The Null Stern (meaning no star) was a concept hotel built in a Swiss nuclear bunker which provided visitors with lodging with extra-thick walls and a butler to cater to them 24/7.

Unlike this temporary art installation, their newer innovation has an outdoor setup and instead of having blast-proof walls, they have none at all. Staying the night at one of their suites includes falling asleep under the stars and waking up to the rising sun with a full view of the Swiss Alps and nothing obstructing your view. The trio kept the role of the butler in The Zero Real Estate hotels, who make sure visitors are treated with utmost hospitality after checking as they are taken to their suite. After arrival, the butler only returns at the visitors’ requests, for meals and coffee, or to provide any necessities that are not available on site.