The Worlds Most Expensive Cruise Ship

Marc Gordon
Apr 01, 2020

The Regent Seven Seas Explorer is the world’s most luxurious cruise ship, offering a royal experience that is nowhere else to be found. The spacious suites offer only the most high-end finishes, with clear attention to even the smallest detail, and with the most comfortable and relaxing beds fit only for a king and queen. Each suite includes a private balcony to allow guests to enjoy an unbeatable sea view from the comfort of their own room as they sail through the crystal clear oceans. Not only are the rooms a luxury in and of themselves, but the entire ship is absolutely stunning. 

An aerial view of a luxurious cruise ship


Everywhere you turn is another chance to be blown away, with Pablo Picasso, among other famed artists gracing the walls of the ship with his artwork. Each and every corner is designed to impress.   The hard-working staff on board are professionally trained to offer their guests nothing but the absolute best experience possible, and are always not only willing but are more than happy to go above and beyond to make sure guests have everything they could ever want. When it comes to the Regent Seven Seas Explorer, there is no such thing as the word no. 

And when it comes to the food, this luxurious cruise offers endless amounts of the most superb, high-quality dining experiences imaginable, managing to prove that quality and quantity do not have to be mutually exclusive.  From mouth-watering fresh lobster to the finest of winters, to even the most dreamy hamburger, fries and milkshake for some after-hours room service, the experienced chefs of the Seven Seas explorer never disappoint. For those looking to not only eat as they travel the world by sea, but there are also gourmet cooking courses offered by some of the most talented and professional chefs in the world. The ship also offers no shortage of other luxurious activities to help make this experience the most relaxing and indulgent one yet.