The Trendiest Nail Colors to Wear This Spring

Claire Miles
Jan 20, 2022

The days are still short and the weather is still freezing cold in the northern hemisphere. But we are already dreaming of longer and warmer ones. When we think of spring, we usually think of shorter dresses, brighter colors, and flowers blooming. So it makes sense that the trendiest nail polish colors this season are beautiful hues of blue, lilac, and pink.

Woman painting her nails

Getty Images / Moment / seksan Mongkhonkhamsao

You will be seeing baby blue nails everywhere. Try Sally Hansen’s Crystal Blue, Essie’s Sway In Crochet, or OPI’s Dreams Need Clara-fication. If you want to try something a little less blue, mint green is a great option for this spring season. Go for Olive & June’s KMC or Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. Lilac is another beautiful spring shade. Sally Hansen’s Be Iconic is a great hue for this season, but we also recommend Olive & June’s Cockatoo for a more muted, yet chic lilac and Essie’s Lilacism for a satiny smooth lilac.

Want a pink shade for the warmer months ahead? Essie’s Romper Room offers a gorgeous pale tea-rose pink shade that looks elegant yet fun, Olive & June’s Rosy Tips is a classic soft rose pink with a hint of mauve that looks fresh and floral, and Sally Hansen’s Orchid-ing Aside is a fun option if you want to go bold. However, if pastel colors are not for you, a classic sheer pink will always be fashionable in any season. It’s a great base for a French manicure, but also looks beautiful on its own. We recommend Jinsoon Nail Lacquer’s Muse, Sally Hansen’s Sweet Talker, and OPI’s In The Spotlight Pink.