The Romantic Vacation That Offers Private Bubble Domes

Claire Miles
Aug 01, 2020

There are thousands of romantic vacation resorts all around the world. However, the Finn Lough Luxury Holiday in Ireland takes the cake for the most romantic holiday getaway experience. Offering a range of sleeping accommodations, Finn Lough’s holiday cottages are all situated deep inside of the forest. One of the hotel’s most unique and memorable experiences on offer is their private bubble domes.

Finn Lough’s private bubble domes are the perfect way to enjoy an intimate vacation with a loved one while enjoying the beauty of nature around you. The perfect blend of rustic and luxurious, these domes have transparent walls that allow guests to fall asleep under the stars. Furthermore, each of the domes comes complete with its own telescope so that guests can enjoy the stunning constellations from up close.

couple in hotel

Getty Images/JGI/Tom Grill

Additional amenities in each private bubble dome include a luxurious four-poster bed, relaxing armchairs, and a bathtub. A typical hotel stay includes breakfast, as well as access to a Nespresso coffee machine so that guests can enjoy a cup of coffee at any time throughout the day. The premises also boasts a luxury spa where visitors can relax after a long day of adventures. Situated just along the shores of County Fermanagh’s Lough Erne, the Finn Lough experience is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate with your partner. Their private bubble domes are perfect for kindling intimacy, all while enjoying the wonders of nature.