The Right Way To Display Art On Your Wall

Andrew Parker
Jun 25, 2021

Just like architecture itself, interior design requires knowledge and practice. When it comes to a piece of art, the same painting can look like a masterpiece or a child’s scribble depending on how it’s presented. To make your living room look like a museum, these are the tips you should always remember.

Get the Right Art to Wall Ratio

Young man hanging painting on wall at home

Getty Images / Maskot / Maskot

If you have a bare wall and don’t know how big you want your frames to be, there’s a little equation that could help. Multiply the width of your wall by 0.57. The result will be the ideal width of your artwork frame. In case you are planning on having a gallery wall, consider the cluster of frames as a single piece when doing the math.

Get the Right Height

Dining table

Getty Images / Moment / Oscar Wong

The right height for an art piece at a home depends on the room where it will be placed. When hanging artwork above a couch, for example, it should hang around 5 to 8 inches above the backrest and should measure about 2/3 of the width of the sofa. Another important tip: when hanging multiple pieces of art with different heights, make sure their middles are leveled instead of their bottoms or tops.

Start With the Focal Piece

Decorated shelving unit

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If you want to create a gallery wall effect in your living room, start by picking out the star of the show. Once you decide which artwork will be the center of attention, start working your way outwards. Don’t forget to keep all sides balanced and to establish one standard distance between all different frames.