The Right Lipstick For You

Claire Miles
Jan 24, 2022

No make-up look is complete without some lipstick. While some of us prefer sheer lipgloss, others are more into vibrant red lips. There is no shortage of lipstick types: matte, glossy, sheer, creamy, stain… If you are not sure which kind of lipstick will suit your lifestyle better, allow us to help.

Lip stains, or lip tints, are perfect for those who love bright colors but hate the glossy finish some lipsticks have. They are long-lasting and low-maintenance, which makes them a great option for long days at work or dinner dates. Lip stains also allow you to create layers, so you can even mix them with other products to produce the perfect shade for your looks.

Woman applying lipstick

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Edward Berthelot

Just like lip stains, matte lipsticks are a great alternative to glossy products. Not as long-lasting as lip stains, they are quick to apply and offer a smooth texture – which is great for people who love wearing lipstick but don’t want to feel it on their lips all day. Sheer lipsticks are another good choice for everyday wear. Extremely moisturizing, sheer lipsticks offer a subtle touch of color that looks shiny and elegant.

Lipgloss, as you probably remember from your old teenage days, is a little bit more high-maintenance. It offers a gorgeous youthfully glow and attracts lots of attention but requires constant touch-ups. Just remember to avoid it on windy days – there’s nothing worse than getting your hair stuck on your lipgloss as you walk on the street.