The Perfect Warm Weather Destinations

Laura Lee
Feb 27, 2020

Even as we’re cuddled up under our blankets and clinging desperately to our mugs of hot chocolate, we can’t help but fantasize about our summer 2020 travel plans. So, even though it’s many months away, here are a few sunny destinations that will make you want to trade in your boots for some flip flops.


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Getty Images/Oscar Wong/Moment

If you’ve been longing to explore a country that’s slightly off the beaten path, we can’t think of a better place to start than Morocco. Don’t miss the Medinas, which are each city’s historical downtown areas and the perfect place to hunt for unique homemade crafts.


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Getty Images/Philipp Chistyakov/Moment

Georgia is probably one of the most underrated travel destinations, but it’s definitely not going to stay that way for long. Why? Just take one look at the city’s capital, Tbilisi, and you’ll understand. Not only does the country have stunning natural views, but its cuisine is to die for. Khachapuri, anyone?


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Getty Images/Marco Bottigelli/Moment

When we think of France, our minds automatically wander to Paris, with its unbeatable architecture, fashionable locals, and luxurious macarons. But for a more special journey, a trip to the french countryside is exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoy the rolling green hills and vineyards galore.


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Getty Images/Nikos Karanikolas / EyeEm

If everything you know about Greek culture is from watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, we highly recommend you take a trip to experience it first hand. The hot, Mediterranean country is known for its photogenic white buildings, its delicious cuisine, and its many stunning islands, making it the perfect romantic destination.