The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Shape

Marc Gordon
Oct 08, 2021

From the office to fancy dinners, jeans are some of the most versatile articles of clothing someone can have in their wardrobe. As long as you pair your denim with the right accessories, your outfits will always look stylish. But if you were wondering how to pair the right jeans with your own body shape, we are here to help.

Flare Jeans

Viviane Geppert wearing Ganni pants, Anine Bing sweater and Bottega Veneta bag

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Jeremy Moeller

Flare jeans, also known as bell bottoms, are a great option for women whose hips are their widest points. Wearing fits that are form-fitting all the way down to the middle of your knees will create a beautiful hourglass shape and elongate your legs – especially if your body type is pear or hourglass.

Skinny Jeans

Tamara Kalinic wears Louis Vuitton earrings, a black sweater with shoulder pads, a red bag, washed-out blue denim

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Edward Berthelot

Even though not everyone seems to be into skinny jeans these days, the truth is that this fit looks great on all body types: apple, hourglass, athletic, and pear. Usually, dark washes are recommended for pear and hourglass shapes, while lighter washes can work really well on apple and athletic figures.

Boyfriend Jeans

Aylin Koenig wearing Stradivarius jeans, Celine shoes, Dior bag, by Aylin Koenig sweater

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Jeremy Moeller

Boyfriend jeans look particularly great on apple and athletic shapes. Since these jeans have a looser fit, we recommend pairing them with fitted tops to balance out their volume and make you look more elegant and put together.