The Most Popular Garden Trends for 2021

Marc Gordon
Sep 20, 2021

Grass, trees, plants. If these are the only accessories in your garden, it might be time to consider a small renovation. Even though it’s true that we spend more time inside our homes than in the backyard, it doesn’t mean our outdoor space doesn’t deserve to be treated as an integral part of our house.


Garden pergola

Getty Images / Johner Images

The most popular trend when it comes to gardens lately is pergolas. Designed to add shade to your backyard space, these structures are great for providing relief from the harsh sun rays while still allowing sunlight to fill the space.

Outdoor Tiles

Garden table with chairs

Getty Images / Moment Open / Rosmarie Wirz

Just because you are outside, it doesn’t mean you want to step on the grass. To bring the comfort of the indoors outside, you can lay decorative tiles in your garden. Outdoors tiles can be laid directly onto grass, gravel and even sand, and will quickly make your outdoor space look more elegant and sophisticated.


Birdbath in a garden

Getty Images / Moment / Jacky Parker Photography

If you would like your outdoor space to feel more outdoorsy, consider getting a birdbath. This artificial puddle not only works as a beautiful garden ornament but also encourages birds to visit your home. Since a birdbath helps provide a reliable source of water to your local wildlife, you’ll get visits from several different species of birds – especially during the summer and dry months.