The Most Local Travel Food Experiences

Marc Gordon
Apr 05, 2020

For most of us, when it comes to traveling, the food is really the main attraction. And not just the food itself – but also having the most local, authentic experience possible. What better way to get that local experience, than from the locals themselves? Whether it be paying a visit to a produce market, enjoying a meal in a local family’s home or even attending a class by one of the city’s top chefs, there is no shortage of ways to have a unique dining experience while traveling, getting a real taste of a new culture and way and life.

Paris: Dinner With A Local Family 

There’s no doubt about it that Paris is home to some of the world’s finest food, and eating in a local family’s home is the best way to prove that you don’t need a 5-star restaurant to experience that. Enjoy some classic French cuisine over a glass (or two) of wine while getting to know your local hosts in an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.

Los Angeles: Ethnic Food & Culture Tour

This 4-hour tour provides a deeper look into the multicultural communities of Los Angeles, California, namely, into their bustling food scene filled with no shortage of flavor and innovation. This unique tour takes guests around the city, from restaurants to markets and bakeries, offering a truly gastronomical experience.

Tokyo: Japanese Food Tour Adventure

It’s a known fact of life that Japan is an absolute paradise for foodies, beyond just sushi and ramen soup. This tour led by locals offers an off the beaten path look into the streets of the city, and some serious Japanese specialties that will surely define your trip, especially since it’s only for the most adventurous of tastes with dishes such as horse sashimi. 

New York City: Food Cart Walking Tour

The Big Apple is of course known to be the place to be, and the place to eat. These food carts also never sleep, and never fail to impress. Just be sure to come hungry and ready to walk your way through some of the best eats, from fresh pretzels, hot dogs, short ribs, and much, much more.