The Most Beautiful Views in Japan

Claire Miles
Apr 02, 2021

Planning a trip to a place so far away can sound a little intimidating. There are so many places to visit and so many views to fall in love with, so what if we miss out on the best ones? If you are planning a trip to Japan soon or if you just want to swoon over the most incredible sights this country has to offer, here are our top 3 views in Japan.

Shirakawago Villages

Villages of Shirakawa-go and Okayama covered in snow

Getty Images / Moment / Nanut Bovorn

The Shirakawago villages are such a special place that they were even considered a world heritage site by UNESCO. This magical region is filled with Gassho-style houses, which makes it look straight out of a fairytale. To have the full experience, visit this village in the wintertime when all houses are covered in snow and their lights shine through the thick icy coating.

Lake Mashu

Sunset at Lake Mashu, Japan

Getty Images / Moment / Takuma Higashide

Lake Mashu is a crater lake formed in the caldera of a potentially active volcano. It has the second-highest degree of transparency in the world, which makes it the clearest lake in the world and means its surface has the most incredible hue of the color blue. Because the lake is sometimes covered in mist it is also known as “The Misty Lake Mashu”.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Empty pathway in the bamboo forest lit by the first morning light, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Getty Images / Moment / © Marco Bottigelli

This ethereal experience is located in the city of Kyoto and it’s considered one of the most beautiful views in the area. The experience of being surrounded by this sky-high bamboo grove is so special that it was even named one of the top 100 Soundscapes of Japan by the country’s Ministry of the Environment.