The Majestic Flute

Marc Gordon
Sep 25, 2022

When it comes to music you may not know this but there are hundreds of different instruments. So much so that many orchestras are made up of more than forty instruments. With that said, if you have taken an interest in musical instruments, you might get overwhelmed with what you find. After all, there are so many. Now one instrument that might catch your eye is the flute and for good reason. Not only is the flute a beautiful instrument but there is a lot about it that many people don’t know. That’s why we are here to give you some unique information on the flute.

Flute player in orchestra

Getty Images / Image Source / Hybrid Images

At first glance, a flute simply looks like a pretty instrument that you can pick up if you wanted to. However, this musical instrument isn’t only pretty. You see the flute is actually part of the woodwind family of instruments. So much like any other woodwind instrument, the flute is an aerophone and creates sound through vibration. More specifically it creates different sounds by vibrating a column of air. Now unlike other woodwind instruments, the flute does not require a reed to be played. Instead of a player using a reed to blow air into the instrument, a flute player simply blows over the opening.

It is said that the flute dates back more than forty thousand years. This means that this musical instrument is rich in history. One can easily see this by simply looking at how the instrument has evolved over the years. Now if you would like to learn how to play these instruments and become a flutist, it would be best to get a few professional lessons. This is because playing the flute can be a bit more complicated than you think. With that said, there is a whole lot more to the flute, so continue doing your research.