The Magic Of Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens

Laura Lee
Jul 18, 2020

Copenhagen is a wonderful European city that is known for many things. From its vibrant waterfront district Nyhavn to the legendary Little Mermaid statue honoring the late native Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, there are plenty of fascinating spots around Denmark’s capital. However, one of the most charming attractions in the city has got to be Tivoli Gardens. Opening in the summer of 1843, Tivoli Gardens, which holds the record for the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world, has delighted Danish locals and tourists alike. Amusement park enthusiasts travel from around the world to cross this charming Danish park off of their bucket list. However, you don’t have to love roller coasters to enjoy the wonders of Tivoli Gardens. Indeed, there are quite a few reasons why this old amusement park has become one of Denmark’s number one tourist attractions.

Tivoli Gardens

Getty Images Entertainment/Ole Jensen

When it comes to rides, Tivoli Gardens has quite a variety. From thrilling roller coasters to more kid-friendly options, the park offers a range of rides that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are also those who come to the park in search of refuge from the urban city center of Copenhagen. For those looking for a more relaxing way to spend their afternoon in the city, Tivoli Gardens provides the perfect solution, as the park is blooming with shady greenery. One can even bring a book and relax by the park’s very own Tivoli Lake. After you’ve enjoyed a few hours at this amusement park, you’ll undoubtedly be hungry. Luckily, visitors will find plenty of tasty options scattered across the park grounds. Start off by exploring Tivoli Food Hall, where one can find a number of delicious eateries. Last but not least, the park features plenty of music and theatre performances, particularly during the summer months. For those looking to enjoy some quality entertainment with their families, Tivoli Gardens does not disappoint.