The Growth of Thrifting in Pakistan

Claire Miles
Mar 25, 2023

Updating one’s wardrobe has always been a conventionally expensive endeavor. Particularly in Pakistan, where the economy tends to fluctuate, prices tend to soar with each successive year. The only respite a largely middle-class and working-class populace has is sales commemorating national holidays or the end of season ones. This dilemma has since been solved – albeit primarily for the youth – by the growing popularity of thrifting in Pakistan.

Thrifting is all about purchasing second-hand items – clothing articles in this case – at extremely cheap prices. Gone are the days when one browsed through a store’s catalog, liked something, and then had to avert their gaze after seeing the price tag. With thrift stores, if one happens upon something they like they can rest assured that it is within their budget.

There is an added dimension to thrifting which is absolutely worth considering: it is environment friendly! Global warming is a phenomenon and hazard felt by everyone around the world, and it is no secret that the textile industry plays a part in it. With thrifting, you’re simply redistributing articles from your wardrobe that no longer match your style. There is no net increase in clothes through this process and that is precisely the kind of step that has to be taken to play our part in preventing the climate crisis.

Another key factor to take into account is just how much of a community-building exercise thrifting is. Through this, in a manner of speaking, one is sharing their fashion style with the community. It also helps in earning a quick buck in dire times of need. The market is saturated with prospective buyers who are willing to get you out of a financial jam! A more personal connection is fostered between buyers and sellers which is something large fashion brands simply cannot offer.