The Greatest Old School Sports Moments

Laura Lee
Oct 12, 2020

Throughout history, sports have been a mode of entertainment and joy for our society. These exciting competitions help us relax and forget about life for a while and simply get lost in the game. However, sports are about more than just entertainment; athletes have constantly inspired us to strive for greatness in our own lives. Here are some of the greatest sports moments of all time which are truly an inspiration.

Jessie Owens In The 1936 Olympics


Getty Images Sport Classic/Keystone

The 1936 Olympics took place in Berlin. This event was more historic than the usual Olympics, considering the changes that were taking place in Germany at the time. Athlete Jessie Owens set out to disprove theories about minorities that were spreading through the country at the time and overcame various obstacles that tried to prevent him from participating in the games. Ultimately, Owens won four gold medals that year, in a moment that touched hearts around the world.

The Shot Heard Around The World

baseball team

Getty Images/Bruce Bennett/B Bennett

October 3, 1951 – In this incredible photo, Scottish-born American baseball player Bobby Thompson (pictured center top) is surrounded by overjoyed teammates after he hit the “shot heard ’round the world,” a home run which won the game and the National League pennant for the Giants over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Definitely one of the most memorable moments is baseball history.

The Rumble In The Jungle

muhammad ali

Getty Images/AFP

Legendary American boxer Muhammad Ali had a reputation for speaking his mind and he was known to talk up quite a storm. However, not only did he talk the talk, but he also walked the walk, and his boxing moves speak for themselves. The “Rumble in the Jungle” was a fight between Ali and then-undefeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman in 1974. Only 32 at the time, Ali proved himself through an eighth-round knockout victory, reclaiming the title from Foreman. The heated match was watched by a whopping 60,000 spectators in the crowd.